Lucid Possession

Toni Dove
August 3–16, 2009

Lucid Possession is a live-mix cinema performance. Musicians, a VJ, and stage-controlled robotic screens combine to present a contemporary ghost story—a poetic musing on managing the mass of online information “noise.” Lucid Possession draws the audience into a world in which video characters come to life: The wave of a hand moves a video body, and video characters lip sync live to a singer. The players onstage collectively perform the movie, which spills off the dynamic, dimensional screens onto the stage. The result is like a complex three-dimensional, automated video pop-up book, and as characters are brought to life through motion, voice, and robotics, the boundaries of the real and virtual are blurred. At EMPAC, Dove worked with her team on the challenges of projection on non-traditional surfaces, such as fog, as well as filming segments of the piece with EMPAC’s Steadicam equipment.

Event Type
Contemporary Performance