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Curt Breneman

Changing the World by Mining the Materials Genome
Tuesday, April 7, 2015 at 12PM

Dr. Curt Breneman, dean of science at Rensselaer, discussed the work of the Materials Genome Initiative, a project that brings together materials science and data science to facilitate the development of advanced materials. The Materials Genome Project Initiative replaces trial-and-error experimentation with databases, algorithms, simulations, and other computational tools to expedite the processes of research, design, and implementation of new materials. The ability to rapidly develop materials with desirable properties to meet problems holds enormous potential to impact the built environment and enable new technologies. 

Dr. Curt M Breneman is professor of chemistry & chemical biology and dean of science at Rensselaer. His materials informatics work led to his appointment as an advisor to the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy/ National Institute of Standards in Technology Materials Genome Initiative program. 

This series provided an opportunity for Rensselaer professors and researchers to share in-depth perspectives on their fields of inquiry. Inviting an exchange of ideas on campus and providing a window into a singular vision, these events are geared toward experts and non-experts alike.

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Curt Breneman
Changing the World by Mining the Materials Genome
Tuesday 7
12:00 PM
April 2015
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