EMPAC's Theater as seen from the stage

The Theater as seen from center stage.

Main Image: Peter Aaron/ESTO.


The theater incorporates theatrical technology and capabilities that were previously found only in the most advanced stage spectacles. The sixty-foot flytower (the space directly above the stage, which itself is 80’ by 40’) allows for scenery, screens, lights etc. to be flown in and out. Computer-controlled rigging means that anything – props, projectors, or people – can be flown (and controlled by computer in real-time, a first in theater technology) throughout the stage space. The theater is as quiet as a recording studio and has the technological infrastructure of an HD video studio. The low stage allows for tangible immediacy between audience and performers.

Upcoming Events

May 24–June 4, 2021
Mary Kouyoumdjian with Alarm Will Sound and Kevork Mourad