A large screen displaying the shadow of a man wearing shorts and standing in the upper right corner.

Small Narration

Wojtek Ziemilski
Saturday, November 16, 2013 at 7PM

Small Narration is for me, among other things, a piece about memory. Memory is a space where the pain of absence is felt most acutely. Especially when we think about people, we remember a body, contact, its physicality, and at the same time our whole memory is connected to their absence. It’s based on the body not being here anymore.” —Wojtek Ziemilski

In 2006, Wojtek Ziemilski learned that his grandfather, a notable citizen of the city of Wroclaw in Poland, was for many years a collaborator with the communist secret police. To better understand the full story, Ziemilski created this lecture-performance using various forms of public address and artistic expression including personal confession, academic lecture, video art, and contemporary choreography. Theater intermingles with reality, private narration with historical commentary—all to cope with the painful problem of memory and the manipulations it undergoes. 

Ziemilski is a theater director and visual artist who graduated from the theater directing course at the Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon, Portugal. He teaches contemporary approaches to theater making with a particular focus on devising techniques and the use of new dance (or so-called “non-danse”) in theater. He is the author of the art blog

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Small Narration
Wojtek Ziemilski
Saturday 16
7:00 PM
November 2013
Event Type
Contemporary Performance


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Project partner Adam Mickiewicz Institute in Warsaw;