A group of about five people seated in red bean bag chairs on the floor of a hallway as other people mill about looking at posters hung on the walls.

Take a Day for Yourself!

Mads Lynnerup
October 1–December 16, 2009

Mads Lynnerup has long been interested in the everyday. Now the Brooklyn-based Danish artist, whose last installation was devoted to routines, explores what happens when people depart from those routines, or even disrupt them. In Take a Day for Yourself, Lynnerup enlists random members of the Troy and RPI communities to do just that: take the day for themselves. Whatever happens next is up to them. The rich and inventive uses Lynnerup’s subjects make of the ensuing 12 hours of stolen time are shown on short videos and oversized posters that together make up a whimsical visual guide to taking a day off in Troy—or anywhere else—and to gently subverting some of the fundamental expectations of our society.

Dates + Tickets

Take a Day for Yourself!
Mads Lynnerup
Thursday 1
12:00 PM
October 2009
------------ thru ------------
Wednesday 16
7:00 AM
December 2009
Visual Art