Igor de Gandarias

Igor de Gandarias is a Guatemalan composer and musicologist specializing in electroacoustic music, multimedia, and experimental sound art. His projects and music magnify cultural essences of the Indigenous and mixed roots of Guatemalan society. de Gandarias’s orchestral and multimedia productions have been showcased at contemporary music and film festivals, congresses, and academic music events in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. With Salvadoran filmmaker Guillermo Escalón, de Gandarias works on constructing and bringing to life the artists’ aesthetic proposal, called Music to See. They seek to integrate sound and image, departing from electroacoustic structures and soundscapes from South America, favoring an audiovisual discourse without text, handling strong components of heritage and identity. In this direction, they have made experimental moving image productions departing from Latin American poetry, history, architecture, and nature.

Events and Residencies

Friday / November 3, 2023 at 6:00 pm

EMPAC Fall 2023

Shifting Center
November 3–18, 2023
Padmini Chettur & Maarten Visser, Guillermo Escalón & Igor de Gandarías, and Micah Silver
October 27–November 3, 2023
Guillermo Escalon and Igor de Gandarias
October 27–November 18, 2023

EMPAC Fall 2023