A woman at an audio mixer with abstract yellow objects and blue, red, green, and purple lines being projected in 3D into the stage in front of her.


Natasha Barrett and Marc Downie
July 8–17, 2019
Studio 1—Goodman and Concert Hall

Oslo based British composer Natasha Barrett’s Innermost is a collaboration with US digital artist Marc Downie (OpenEndedGroup). Following their previous collaboration at the Pompidou Centre, Paris last year, Innermost fuses ambisonics, 3D sound and stereoscopic projection. Points of light and sound are animated around the sound system in patterns that each possess their own characteristic ‘gait’ – a unique way of moving and behaving.

Innermost will be premiered this coming September at the Ultima Festival in Oslo, Norway and performed at EMPAC in Spring 2020.



Touring / Presentations

September, 2019Ultima Festival in Oslo, Norway

Main Image: Natasha Barrett. Photo: Courtesy the artist.

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Spring 2020

Production Credits

Innermost is co-commissioned by Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival and EMPAC/ Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Ultima has commissioned the music by Natasha Barrett with support from the Norwegian Arts Council. EMPAC has commissioned the video by Marc Downie and supported the production with residencies of the artists at EMPAC.