Period of Animte Existence

Pig Iron Theater Company
February 21–23, 2017

Philadelphia-based Pig Iron Theater Company was in residence to develop LED light board technology for Period of Animate Existence, which premiered at the Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in September 2017 for the Fringe Festival. Co-creators of Period of Animate Existence, director Dan Rothenberg and composer Troy Herion, developed the light board technology with video designer David Tennent and associate Kate Freer. The light board was made to mimic the light board of a halal food cart. The cart takes on a life of its own during one movement of the Period of Animate Existence opera.

The mission of Pig Iron Theater Company is to expand what is possible in performance by creating rigorous and unusual ensemble-devised works that ask hard questions of and around art and the world.

Event Type

September 22, 2017

Production Credits

A Period of Animate Existence premiered on September 22, at the Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts – Zellerbach Theatre.