April 25–28, 2016
Concert Hall

The Longleash trio (piano, violin, cello) was in residence in the Concert Hall making audio recordings of new compositions by Reiko Füting, Yukiko Watanabe, Christopher Trapani, and Clara Iannotta. The album, Passage, was released by New Focus Recordings in 2017.

Named for the Cold War-era CIA program that aimed to undermine Soviet culture by secretly disseminating art from the American avant- garde, Longleash relish the paradox of experimental sound. Formed in 2013 by violinist Pala Garcia, cellist John Popham, and pianist Renate Rohlfing, the group is focused on the com- missioning and performance of music by emerging composers. Pursuing the freedom of exploration within a pre-determined set of limitations, they mine the depths of the traditional piano trio in search of sounds and ideas yet undiscovered.


April 21, 2016

Production Credits

Passage was released by New Focus Recordings