Barbara Foulkes
January 9–February 5, 2012

Tethered: This vertical performance program featured two residencies and work-in-progress performances that navigated vertical space through aerial performance.

Flota is a study in falling and floating: a dance performance that takes place on freestanding walls built to form a corner, with live video projections of the suspended dancer on other surfaces. The audience chooses where to position themselves and where to look. Flota existed as a solo performance; at EMPAC, Foulkes experimented with site-adaptive iterations of the set-up, as well as shooting footage for an installation version.

Foulkes is a choreographer and contemporary dance artist who performs and teaches vertical dance with harness. She is part of Colectivo AM and teaches composition and vertical dance with harness at Casa de Artes y Circo Contemporáneo. Foulkes is originally from Argentina and now lives in Mexico City.

Event Type

February 4, 2012