Room Pieces Troy 2010

Michael J Schumacher
April 27, 2009–11

Michael J. Schumacher is a composer, performer, and installation artist based in Brooklyn, NY. He works predominantly with electronic media, creating computer-generated acoustic environments that evolve continuously for long time periods. In their realization, Schumacher uses multiple speaker configurations that relate the sounds of the installation to the architecture of the exhibition space. Architectural and acoustical considerations thereby together become basic structural elements.

At EMPAC, Schumacher continued his site-specific, multi-channel sound installations—called Room Pieces—with Room Pieces Troy 2010. Each Room Piece takes on a unique identity based on the space in which it is installed. During his residencies, Schumacher developed his piece for EMPAC’s vast, multi-zone public address system to be experienced in and around the current noise of the building—not only adding a sound environment but reframing the one that already exists.


October 1, 2010

Production Credits

Commissioned by EMPAC