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Not technically a release traditionally speaking but in The Year Of Our Lord 2020 I am ready to broaden my ideas of releases as requiring what we would call 'an album'. I picked up on this because Hennies herself tweeted about how pleased she was with the recording, and damn, if there isn't some great sound recording here. Check out the woodblock clacks! I remember them clearly from primary school music lessons and have not set eyes on one since, and seeing them gives me a hit of nostalgia.

Some music is just made to be watched, not only listened to, and Falsetto is one of those pieces. As an aside, this might be why I find so much improv hard to listen to at home – I want to see what's happening to the instrument to really feel the thrill of its impulses and transgressions. On here, the piece becomes increasingly difficult to perform – there is humour and lightness as Hennies scrambles around. More bells! More mallets!


Sarah Hennies, Falsetto. December 4, 2019 in EMPAC's Studio 1—Goodman.

January 30, 2020