a group practices tai chi with laurie anderson on EMPAC's concert hall stage.

Tai Chi, Meditation, and Making Art

Laurie Anderson
Friday, November 12, 2014
Concert Hall

In these two-hour sessions, renowned artist-in-residence Laurie Anderson leads an exploration of how tai chi and meditation can shape the music and art we make. Building on her celebrated career as a performer, artist, and musician, Anderson will share her insights into the complementary practices of disciplined physical movement and creative expression in all its forms.

“As a martial artist, I am not expert enough to teach a real tai chi class,” Anderson writes. “However we will go over the basic moves and approaches and I believe that artists can benefit greatly from this way of blending the physical, mental, and spiritual disciplines.”

Wear comfortable clothes.

Main Image: Tai Chi in EMPAC's Concert Hall with Laurie Anderson. Photo: EMPAC/Rensselaer

Dates + Tickets

Tai Chi, Meditation, and Making Art
Laurie Anderson
Wednesday 12
7:00 PM
November 2014
Event Type
Contemporary Performance