Pauline Oliveros Deep Listening Workshop

On Sunday October 5 visitors will be able to catch behind the scenes glimpses of many of the artworks and performances commissioned and presented by EMPAC, including an informal talk given by Johannes Goebel, Director of EMPAC, a talk by Elizabeth LeCompte, Director of the Wooster Group, a panel discussion by the artists who created the first four dance film projects of the DANCE MOViES Commission program, and a Q&A by Verdensteatret following their performance of louder.

Pauline Oliveros will also lead a free public workshop introducing Deep Listening, a practice of expanding ones attention to sound and the listening body beyond everyday experience.

Images: Pietr Kers

Brunch will be served in the cafe starting at 9 am.

9:00 AM - Noon: Brunch served
10:30 AM - Johannes Goebel Talk
11:00 AM - Pauline Oliveros Deep Listening Workshop
11:30 AM - Elizabeth LeCompte Talk
1:00 PM - Behind the Scenes: Dance Movies Commission
2:00 PM - Cecil Taylor: Floating Gardens
3:00 PM - Verdensteatret: Louder with Q&A

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