A person laying on a black stage draped in fabric and washed in red light in front of a blue grid.


Artist production residencies are the heart of the curatorial program at EMPAC. Much of the work that we commission and present is developed through residencies in collaboration with our curatorial and production staff. Artists benefit from unparalleled access to state-of-the-art technological infrastructure for the making of their work, including support from EMPAC’s expert team of video, audio, stage and production engineers and technicians. Residencies are often planned years in advance to afford time for extended engagement between artists and our staff. The number of residencies, their structure and length is tailored to each individual artist and project.

Open Call Programs

EMPAC has partnered with the Australia Council for the Arts and the Flemish Government’s Department of Culture, Youth and Media to provide residency support for artists. The curators work with staff from each organization to select projects from yearly open-calls by and to those institutions. Information on eligibility, deadlines, and how to apply can be found at the participating organization’s website:

Australian Council for the Arts

Flemish Government, Department of Culture, Youth, and Media

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic EMPAC is currently closed to he public and our residency program is on hold. We are not accepting open call applications at this time.

Current and Past Residents

All current EMPAC residencies are being hosted remotely with support from EMPAC curatorial, administrative, and production staff and resources. While no artists are on site in Troy, our staff is continuing to collaborate with artists toward the development of new works.


Martine Syms / The African Desperate
Mary Kouyoumdjian and Nigel Maister with Alarm Will Sound and Kevork Mourad / Paper Pianos
Anaïs Duplan / Blackspace
Cannupa Hanska Luger / Future Ancestral Technologies


King Britt & Saul Williams / Untitled Commission
Nancy Campbell, Vic Brooks, and Ashley Ferro-Murray / Feminist and Antiracist Science and Technology Studies
Annie Saunders & Wild Up / Rest
Rashaun Mitchell & Silas Riener / Desire Lines
Caroline Shaw and Vanessa Goodman / Graveyards and Gardens
Bora Yoon / SPKR SPRKL
Amanda Turner Pohan / Alexa Echoes
Heartbeat Opera / Lady M
Lesley Flanigan / Untitled Commission
Steve Reich Recordings / Mivos Quartet
Maria Chávez / Untitled Commission
Ni’Ja Whitson / The Unarrival Experiments
Michelle Ellsworth / Artist Residency


Lesley Flanigan / Residue
Su Wen-Chi / Artist Residency
Yanira Castro and Stephan Moore / Exploring Wave Field Synthesis in Dance
Eve Sussman & Simon Lee / No food No money No jewels
Laurie Anderson / Chalkroom
Camila Galaz / Australia Council for the Arts / Vecino Vecino
A.K. Burns / Void
James Richards / Mouth Room
Cenk Ergün and JACK Quartet / Sonare and Celare
Justin Shoulder / Carrion
Ephraim Asili / The Inheritance
jumatatu m. poe and Jermone “Donte” Beacham / Let ‘im Move You: This is a Formation
Findlay//Sandsmark / >>returner<<
Anna Craycroft and Sarah Hennies / Only Breath, Words
Jaamil Olawale Kosoko / Chameleon: A Biomythography
Kurt Hentschläger / EKO Artist Residency
Yarn / Wire / Feld and Tonband
Corin Sworn / Work in Progress
Beatriz Santiago Muñoz / Oriana
Natasha Barrett and Marc Downie / Innermost
Jon Wang and Bahar Behbahani / Short Shadows


Marilyn Nonken and Steven Marotto / Patterns in a Chromatic Field
Yara Travieso / Sagittarius A.
Maria Hassabi / SlowMeDown
Oneohtrix Point Never / Myriad
David Lang, Ensemble Signal, & Suzanne Bocanegra / darker
Moved by the Motion (Wu Tsang and boychild with Patrick Belaga, Josh Johnson, and Asma Maroof) / Sudden Rise


Laure Prouvost, Sam Belinfante, Pierre Droulers / They Are Waiting for You: Work-in-Progress
Mary Armentrout Dance Theater / Listening Creates an Opening: Work-in-Progress
Elena Demyanenko and Erika Mijlin / Echo/Archive
Andrew Schneider / AFTER
Isabelle Pauwels / If It Bleeds
A.K. Burns / Negative Space
Etienne Chambaud / Incomplt
Trajal Harrell / Calm House Terrace
Mary Armentrout / From Feldenkrais to GoPro
Andrew Schneider / FIELD
Pig Iron Theater Company / Period of Animte Existence
Gerard & Kelly / Modern Living
Charles Atlas, Rashaun Mitchell, Silas Riener / Tesseract


Kate Soper / Ipsa Dixit
Laure Prouvost / Magic Electronics
Andrew Schneider / FIELD
Olivia De Prato / Streya
Rob Hamilton / 108 Troubles
Mivos Quartet and Eric Wubbels / being-time
Mariel Roberts / Cartography
Tarek Atoui / WITHIN
Longleash / Passage
Nate Wooley / For Kenneth Gaburo
Amirtha Kidambi's Elder Ones / Holy Science
Karthik Pandian & Andros Zins-Browne / Atlas Revisited
Ensemble Signal / Radio Rewrite


Tim Hecker, MFO / Love Streams
Elizabeth Orr / Mt. Rush
Oneohtrix Point Never / Garden of Delete
France Jobin / 4.35 - R0 - 413
Film Memory / Jennifer West
Tarek Atoui / WITHIN2
Ant Hampton / The Extra People
Eureka: a lighthouse play / Ellie Ga
Michael Gordon & Vicky Chow / Sonatra
Enno Poppe & Speicher / Talea Ensemble
And You Were Wonderful, On Stage / Cally Spooner
Chris Cerrone / Memory Palace
Laurel Halo / Dust


Eve Sussman & Simon Lee / NO FOOD, NO MONEY, NO JEWELS
Mivos Quartet / Eric Wubbels: being time
Temporary Distortion / My Voice Has An Echo In It
Stavros Gasparatos / Expanded Piano
Aaron Landsman & Brent Green / Empathy School
Michael Bell-Smith, Sara Magenheimer, & Ben Vida / Bloopers #1
Ralph Lemon / Scaffold Room
Isabelle Pauwels / ,000,
Orit Ben-Shitrit / Ward of the Feral Horses
Orit Ben-Shitrit / Ward of the Feral Horses
Erika Vogt, Math Bass, Shannon Ebner, Lauren Davis Fisher, Mariah Garnett, MPA, Silke Otto-Knapp, Adam Putnam, Mark So, and Flora Wiegmann / The Artist Theater Program
Alain Franco, Jörg Laue and Peter Stamer / 26 Letters to Deleuze
Seline Baumgartner / Nothing Else
DD Dorvillier / Extra Shapes
Per Bloland / ECCE / Chamber Industrial
Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe and Sabrina Ratté / Peradam


Vicky Chow / Surface Image
Erika Vogt / Darker Imposter
Wojtek Ziemilski / Central Intelligence Agency
Dana Gingras / Chainreaction
Oneohtrix Point Never / R Plus Seven
Architeuthis Walks on Land / The Surveyors
Kris Verdonck/A Two Dogs Company / ISOS
Petra Cortright / Bridal Shower
Marianne Kim / Lost & Found
Jeremy Xido & CABULA6 / The Angola Project
chameckilerner / ESKASIZER & Samba #2
Manuella Blackburn / Time Will Tell
Melvin Moti / The Vision Machine
Marie Brassard / Trieste
Maria Kefirova, Martin Messier, and Miguel Melgares / Next to Focus
Laurie Anderson / New Film (A Personal Essay)
Davíd Brynjar Franzson and Yarn/Wire / The Negotiation of Context
CREW & Eric Joris / HeadSwap


Jaroslaw Kapuscinski & The OpenEndedGroup / Linked Verse
Dimitris Papaioannou / Primal Matter
Laurie Anderson / The Swimmer
Kurt Hentschläger / CLUSTER
Deville Cohen / Zero
Ella Fiskum Danz / Triptych 0811
Thom Kubli / Black Hole Horizon
Sam Green / Fog City
Wet Ink / RELAY
Ed Osborn / Albedo Prospect
Lars Jan and Early Morning Opera / Holoscenes
Laurie Anderson / Landfall
Freya Olafson / HYPER-
Marilyn Nonken and Joshua Fineberg / Voix Voilées: Spectral Piano Music
Jem Cohen / We Have An Anchor
Talea Ensemble / Music of Fausto Romitelli
Kota Yamazaki and Fluid hug-hug / (glowing)
Peter Edwards and Sabisha Friedberg / The Hant Variance
Jennifer and Kevin McCoy / Index
Mariel Roberts / nonextraneous sounds
Lucky Dragons / Actual Reality
Kurt Hentschläger / CORE
Rodrigo Pardo / Flat
Barbara Foulkes / Flota
Ryan and Trevor Oakes / The Periphery of Perception


JACK Quartet / JACK Quartet
eteam / The Cruise
Poor Dog Group / Dionysia
Shantala Shivalingappa / Namasya and Swayambhu
Phantom Limb / 69°S
Kónic Thtr / Before the Beep
Joanna Domke / Untitled-Epilog
Mary Reid Kelley / The Syphilis of Sisyphus
Ralph Lemon / 4Walls
Nora Chipaumire / MIRIAM
Francis Farewell Starlite / The White Room
Wally Cardona and Jennifer Lacey / Tool is Loot
Jaroslaw Kapuscinski / Catch the Tiger!
The OpenEnded Group / Twice Through the Heart
Francisco Lopez / Hyper-Rainforest
Graham Parker / The Confidence Man
Phyllis Chen and Rob Dietz / Down the Rabbit Hole
Laurie Anderson / The Gray Rabbit
Marlene Millar and Phillip Szporer / Moments in Motion 2
Suzanne Vega and Duncan Sheik & Kay Matschullat / Carson McCullers Sings About Love


Hans Tutschku / Irrgärten
Argento Chamber Ensemble / Georg Friederich Haas: in vain
Robert Henke with Tarik Barri / Monolake
Annie Dorsen / Hello Hi There
Yarn/Wire / Tone Builders
Hans Tutschku / agitated slowness
Yanira Castro & a canary torsi / Wilderness
Sean Griffin / Cold Spring
Helmut Lachenmann, Ensemble Signal, and JACK Quartet / Music of Helmut Lachenmann
Will Rawls and Kyle Wilamowski / Movement Research: The Progress of Process
Thom Kubli / FLOAT! Thinktank 21
Wayne McGregor | Random Dance / Entity
Keiko Courdy and Frederic Sofiyana / Halo V-2
Jill Sigman / Shop n Save JOAN


Nuria Fragoso / Anatomy of Melancholy
Bruce Odland & Sam Auinger / my ears...
Jean-François Peyret / RE: Walden
Toni Dove / Lucid Possession
Miguel Azguime / A Laugh to Cry
Luciano Chessa / Intonarumori Construction
Mads Lynnerup / Take a Day for Yourself!
Michael J Schumacher / Room Pieces Troy 2010
Laurie Anderson / Delusion
The OpenEnded Group / Upending
Yvon Bonenfant / Beacons
Workspace Unlimited / They Watch
Sean Griffin / Cold Spring
Lars Jan and Early Morning Opera / Abacus
Sophie Kahn & Lisa Parra / Body/Traces


Peter Flaherty / Soul Leaves Her Body
Balletlab / Miracle
Maryanne Amacher & The Openended Group / Lagrange: A Four Part Mini Series
Jennifer Tipton / Light Above the Hudson




Main Image: Moved by the Motion (Wu Tsang and boychild with Patrick Belaga, Josh Johnson, and Asma Maroof) from their premiere of Sudden Rise at 10YEARS in October, 2018. Photo: Paula Court/EMPAC.