One can make out the surface only by placing any dark-colored object on the ground

Hannah Rickards

Thursday, September 29, 2016

One can make out the surface only by placing any dark-colored object on the ground is a performance that uses navigational techniques to choreograph the interaction of a moving camera with two performers. 

The title refers to how one can travel in polar whiteout conditions by placing an object on the ground and continuing to place the object in front of you as you move forward. By this successive act, a pattern is formed, which can be viewed as a visual score for performance. Inspired by the graphic scores of Morton Feldman that explore musical composition as spatial terrain, London-based artist Hannah Rickards approaches the media infrastructure of EMPAC’s Studio 1 in a similar fashion. A cable-suspended camera is maneuvered throughout the space in relation to the performers, capturing wide aerial shots as well as close-up detail of their gestures.

This performance has been developed specifically for the production environment of Studio 1 and will be the only time this work will be performed live. Following the artist’s residency, One can make out the surface… will tour solely as a video installation.

Victoria Brooks

EMPAC facilitates the production of new work at many stages of development, from inception to completion. Work-in-progress presentations offer a unique glimpse into this process and allow audiences to interact with ideas as they materialize. Attendance to all work-in-progress events is free.

Hannah Rickards
Studio 1—Goodman
September 29, 2016, 7PM
September 29, 2016, 8PM

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