Yvon Bonenfant

Friday, May 29, 2009

Yvon Bonenfant is a vocal artist and interdisciplinary performance maker with a unique musical imagination. Always using the voice and singing as his starting point, Bonenfant has created or collaborated on live performance, installation, video art and videodance projects, underpinned by his cutting-edge approach to the potential for live performance to engage and transform the body.

Beacons extends Bonenfant's intensity and technique into a world of presence and absence, of calling and wanting, and of the purity of the experience of light in darkness. Exploring a simple concept, ubiquitous in our modern environment: the flashing beacon light, Beacons is both a concert and a piece of refined video Theater. The project brings together the sensual, passionate and yet restrained and spacious video work of the UK's David Shearing with Bonenfant's own otherworldly extended voice techique and his all-voice musical compositions. Performing sometimes solo and unamplified, sometimes live with amplification, and at others accompanied by choirs of carefully composed vocal environments, Bonenfant's voice - sounding both male and female, with the tonal range of the 'cello - takes the audience on a journey through a broad spectrum of sensation and emotion. With sounds ranging from the angelic to the hyperemotional, this voice is unforgettable. The world of Beacons explores the most fundamental of human experiences and invites the audience into a multisensory world of contemplation, reflection and passion.

Voices: Yvon Bonenfant
Video footage: David Shearing, Ludivine Allegue, and Yvon Bonenfant
Video editing: David Shearing
Composition and artistic direction: Yvon Bonenfant
Compositional assistance and recording: Francis Silkstone

Micah Silver

Yvon Bonenfant is a UK-based Canadian vocal artist and interdisciplinary performance maker. As artisic director and vocalist, his recent works include the Intimacies vocal-videodance project (premièred 2nd Sao Carlos Videodance Festival, Brazil 2008), the street intervention The Opposite of Trauma (Skin Walks) with The Gallopping Cuckoos, 2008 (shown in Paris, London and Cardiff), and Soie soyeuse (Silky Silk) [2007-8], a peformance for a maximum of five audience members at a time shown twice in Paris, in New York and in Wales with the video version shown in Tallinn. His collaborative work with painter and videographer Ludivine Allegue has an exhibition in the Alsager Gallery as part of the Curating Knowledge series in April, 2009. He has held residencies, performed or presented about his work in Canada, the US, the UK, Portugal, France, Denmark, Finland and South Korea. Previous to taking his work solo in 2002, he worked with the post-punk performance collective Tunnel Works in Montreal and studied experimental music at Wesleyan University and Bennington College.

Yvon is also an activist academic, committed to making increased space for artistic thought within higher education environments. He is Senior Lecturer in Performing Arts and Director of Research and Knowledge Exchange at the University of Winchester, UK and an overseas associate of the Institut d'Esthetique des Arts et Technologies of the University of Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne. He has published in Performance Research, SCAN Journal and Body, Movement and Dance in Psychotherapy among others.

Studio 1—Goodman
May 29, 2009, 8PM
May 30, 2009, 8PM